This page is dedicated to my short time (8 months?) spent at The Edge TV.

Anyway, I thought it’d be more relatable and relevant if I blogged about my first-taste of broadcast experience via narrating some of the memorable videos I’ve done.

I wore the hats of: field reporter, studio researcher & presenter (for our ‘Market Matters’ segment which you will see all the way below), and I also actively pursued exclusive one-on-one interviews (probably the only one who did it; right before the team made it a compulsory segment after I’ve left).

The Edge TV was a new team and everything was almost a ‘trial and error’, from preparing mock scripts (oh I remember churning out those), to securing a guest the very next day itself, research and did the interview (to be included into our mock) just because we had to present a segment to Astro the week after…

We basically got our hands ‘dirty’ like a start-up, which I much better prefer, because I want to know how things work operationally. I know it myself I do not just want to be a prettily made-up anchor or presenter, reading things that I do not even know what they mean.

Looking back, it was fulfilling, to be able to produce, research, and present. Similar to what I’m doing presently at BFM as well. Though now that I’m with a radio station, I shudder a little re-watching these videos (haha) as my voice and delivery then was horrible.

Now, there’s a ‘story’ behind each interview; from what prompted me to get them as guests, to how I went about researching on what to ask, and the production of it (including the supers and graphics).

I was fortunate to be able to execute most, if not all, interviews I had proposed. So thank you team for giving me the control and confidence to do so. I can’t fit all of my work done in that period so these are just a selected few – they do not include assignments I was sent out to cover which includes just my VO script.

In no order of preference, here goes:

  1. 7-Eleven Malaysia (March 2015) 

This was part of a three back-to-back interview done at one of the investor events at Bursa Malaysia. The other two were: Sasbadi and Econpile.

I have written on the draft prospectus of 7-Eleven twice, and have covered the prospectus launch of the company before it got listed. And so when this opportunity came to interview them (suggested by an IR company), I jumped at it.

I decided to start-things off with updates on the company’s expansion plans since its listing, but also included other stuff like earnings growth, (any) shareholding changes, etc.

2. Former CIMB Head of Research, Terence Wong (Oct 2015)

I was remembered as ‘the most persistent reporter’ for landing this interview.

Met Terence (for the first time) at Invest Malaysia in June 2015 when I was going around looking for worthy sound bites. He declined an interview then but said he might consider one in the future. Emailed him a few times to bug him for it.

Happy to say we are now friends! Rebound in KLCI, foreign investors’ sentiment, and ValueCap were among key themes I wanted to address in the interview.

Terence says this was his first ever video interview done!

3. Eco World director Liew Tian Xiong (Oct 2015)

Xiong’s father, Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin, has always been the one who is in the limelight. I thought it’d be nice to feature the eldest son this time around, seeing that Xiong is always present at media conferences etc as well, sitting alongside the rest of the group’s head honchos. He is, afterall, groomed to take over the business one day?

And Xiong’s such a humble, down to earth, and nice person!!! I had fun doing the interview. Had to balance my questions – between asking on the company’s developments (those related to his role and purview) as well as his personal side of things…

Again, am humbled to be interviewing him in his first ever media interview.

4. Inside Scoop Ice Cream (Nov 2015)

Okay, I love the ice cream. And waffles.

I thought the way they executed their branding, product positioning, etc was spot-on. The outlets and businesses appear to be growing amid the tougher climate. Sat down with one of the co-founders to find out why and the idea behind this whole venture.

5. Goh Peng Ooi, Chairman of Silverlake Axis (March 2015)

One of the very first video interviews I’ve done, and I wanted to do it for print as well. This was when Mr Goh emerged as Malaysia’s Top 10 richest in Forbes List.

I blogged about it here. Looking back, I had a million Q’s and the interview lasted an hour when it could have been done in 5 minutes. Took me ages to produce this in the end, haha!

It was a great experience nonetheless – not just in speaking to a person so passionate about mathematics, but also in producing what I thought would be a hard one to, but am glad I did it (so I can learn from what I did right and wrong to do better next time).

6. Guinness Anchor Bhd (Sept 2015)

I’ve covered the consumer sector, with the brewery sub-sector being one of them, while I was a print journalist for over a year.

Thought it’s quite apt to check in with the company post-GST, and how they managed to still perform in their latest financial  year results. There are afterall only two brewery players in the country, GAB and Carlsberg – which is taking which share?

7. Head of Research at AllianceDBS, Bernard Ching (April 2015)

Have heard of Bernard’s name a few times but never got to speak to him. Glad I contacted him (albeit on short notice), and came up with Q’s that I thought were most relevant at that point… this was for our mock presentation to Astro, so had to be good lah.

Production could have been done way better, though.

8. Founder of KFit, Joel Neoh (Sept 2015)

This was hooked up by a friend, Kamarul. It was just after KFit received funding from Sequoia Capital. Wasn’t sure if my Q’s were relevant, but I tried anyway. I’ve always wanted to do a show on enterprising, hardworking Gen-Y’s = before I joined The Edge anyway and sorta fell in love with Corporate Malaysia.

9. Danny Wong, CEO of Areca Capital (May 2015)

Secured Danny for our post 11MP announcement. Have spoken to him before on the phone to get quotes while writing for print, good to have put a face to the person.

10. Phillip Capital’s Chief Strategist, Phua Lee Kerk (Sept 2015)

An old college mate, who’s an analyst with Phillip Capital, invited me to this conference held on a Saturday. I jumped at the opportunity – as long as there’s opportunity to learn and absorb new knowledge, I would. Spoke with one of the panel speakers that day, Phillip Capital’s Head Strategist, and led with the weakening ringgit, perhaps most current issue at that point.

11. Esther Lai, Head of Sovereign Ratings at RAM Ratings (Oct 2015)

Met Padthma, the Comms lady of RAM Ratings, at a PC once. Wanted to secure someone who can speak on Pre Budget 2016 and she helped me got Esther. Asked on government balancing growth in this seemingly tougher environment – dwindling oil prices and revenue for one. Thank goodness for GST?

Both of them are such joy to work with! Interviewed Esther a few times after when I got to BFM 🙂

12. Group MD of SME Bank, Datuk Mohd Radzif

Covered this event on a weekend organized by The Edge. Caught Datuk Mohd Radzif just before he was leaving and asked him – why is it hard, especially for small enterprises, to get funding.

13. Market Matters

How could I end this post without uploading one of these videos done with my dear Chuang (he calls a lot of people ‘my dear’, as far as I can recall…).

So glad to have had the chance to co-host with him. We nailed the agenda for the show together, research, come up with key points, and presented.

This was a twice a week affair for us.

HeveaBoard plays a soft spot in my heart because I wrote about it back when I was in print, right before they had media and analyst coverage.

Chuang is one the very few figure I look up in the quality journalism industry. This shan’t be the last time we’ve worked together, I hope.


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