Today I’d like to blog about something that is close to my family’s heart — a set of health food that has kept my family’s health issues at bay (i.e. prevention from causing problems), to its best ability.

I say best ability because good health is not determined solely just by how much supplements you take; but it’s a whole spectrum — genetics aside, it’s your diet, lifestyle, exercise, managing of internal & external toxins, stress, etc.

These said, it’s possible for one’s body to reverse to its healthy, pre-illness state (at the cellular level); and one of the ways is via Shuang Hor’s Lingzhi and Pollen. My family and I take it when we are in health, and when we fall ill.

We have been consuming SH’s products for over 20 years now. I can still remember, I started taking its core products Lingzhi and Pollen since I was 7 or 8 years old. I still get sick from time to time (I just can’t help but to stress unnecessarily), but I always bounce back fast.

Truth be told, at times when I wake up, I’m not so much scared of the big dreams and aspirations I have to achieve; rather, I’m worried if I have enough energy and well-being to do so.

And this is why I am thankful for SH’s products, for I know it can at least help take care of most parts of my health, while I go about my daily life. My mom calls it the 80:20 rule, take just two supplements (the 20%), to manage 80% of the body functions.

I haven’t had a chance to blog about this, and would like to, now.

My mom first tried SH Lingzhi many years back and had benefited from the product. She signed on as a distributor, and ventured into the business eventually — stepping away from her high-strung corporate life. It has since changed her life, and ours, for the better, in so many ways possible.

SH Lingzhi and Pollen has also helped my dad when he was critically ill at one point, my grandmother with balancing the side effects of the Western medicine she has taken over the years (to control her diabetes and HBP) as well as delaying her aging complications; it has too helped my brother with his asthma and sinus.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi

The thing about Lingzhi is — it is not a medicine, it is a functional health food.

Thus, its effects on the body are not immediate. But, you can see the difference over a period of time.

And we see it right in our own home, my parents and the rest of the consumers who take it; where at an old(er) age, they have distinctly less health problems, most still vibrant and healthy, the natural way.


In a nutshell, what SH Lingzhi does is it helps the body return to its normal functions, by detoxification at the core cellular level, not just at the gastro level via juicing etc. And it does to by helping the body to get rid of toxins (built up over the years), improve one’s immune system and blood circulation.

What I have found amazing & unique about the product is – it helps to scan and highlight early symptoms of illnesses (what my mom calls it as ‘Lingzhi can “speak” to you’), hence allowing us to detect and take preventive measures.

In fact, it’s expected and a positive thing if one were to experience some Vertigo Reactions or what is also known as a “Healing Crisis”, where toxins are dissolved and discharged from the body and hence causing some discomfort (be it rashes, more urination, bowel movements, heightened aches, etc).

This is because, it usually indicates a tissue or organ weakness in the body, and this is where you should up the dosage to speed up this whole cleaning process.

When I get headaches, I usually double my dosage and take 6 to 10 LZ capsules (twice a day). The pain may persist a little more for a while, but it goes away in the end and I know I have resorted to the natural way, rather than turn to pain killers.

Gotta say, I feel heartened as this is a health food which is safe, effective, and most most most importantly, has no side effects, even on high dosages. (My family has, for years now, tried to avoid taking Western medicine if we can — unless we really have to)

You may ask, what’s inside SH Lingzhi that causes it to be so potent?

It’s important to note that a good quality Lingzhi contains many active components, namely Polysaccharide (strengthens immune system), Triterpenoids (improves liver functions), Adenosine (improves blood circulation), Organic Germanium (rejuvenates cells), Lingzhi 8 Protein (enhances cells regeneration).

Especially today, when health has become such a buzz word and with so many supplements popping right and left, it’s more than crucial ever to know how to differentiate one product to another.

You’d also want something that can, and has stood, the test of time. My youngest brother, Shaun, has practically started consuming the product since he was a few years old.

And this is where SH’s long-standing record in producing good quality Lingzhi comes in.

The Company

Shuang Hor is in charge of the entire supply chain; from:

  • Research & Development (species cultivation)
  • Cultivating (in its own Lingzhi Farm in Bai Ho, Taiwan)
  • Manufacturing (where Lingzhi is processed in accordance with *GMP standards)
  • Up until distributing the product itself

*Awarded the Health Food GMP Accreditation and ISO 9001 – Version 2000

And thus, it has full control over the quality of its Lingzhi.


Why this is important because, the species which is patented and cultivated in a controlled environment, and constantly monitored and harvested at an optimum age, is able to produce a consistent yield. (watch video)


Via the manufacturing plant, Lingzhi is extracted using dual phase technology, where active constituents (as mentioned above) like Polysaccharide, Triterpenoids, Adenosine, LZ8 Protein and Organic Germanium are extracted.

And as always, I believe it’s equally as important, if not more, to first take a look at the company, the people behind it and their values — for these often set out the sustainability and viability of the company.

Shuang Hor Group, established in Taiwan in 1988 (turning 30 year old soon just like me… gasps… I mean, my age, that is), and still standing strong today with the same core products it started with since day one, and growing regional footprint, is testament that its business model and products work.

My mom has visited the HQ and plant in Taiwan a few times since she joined. Nothing like ‘seeing is believing’. My dad and I tagged along in May 2014 (pic below).


SH carries the principle of honesty and integrity, and I see it through its leaders, how it goes about doing things (low-profile, humble, not boastful), the talks and conferences it holds (now organizing Di Zi Gui classes), and how it treats its distributors with fairness.

Another point to note, as with anything that we put into our body, is the recognition and acceptance that it has from certified bodies. This is to verify if one product is authentic and is safe for consumption.

In this regard, SH Lingzhi has endorsements from Japan Health Food Association, Ministry of Health in Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand; as well as Health Science Authorities of Singapore.

Last but not least, to fully realize the benefits of SH Lingzhi, it has to be taken with Pollen. They go hand-in-hand.

Shuang Hor Pollen

This is because Pollen gives our body, the cells, in particular, the nutrients that it needs once it has been detoxed.

Usually when I take Lingzhi, I’ll take double the dosage for Pollen.

SH Yung Kien pollen contains more than 200 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, enzymes, co-enzymes, minerals etc.

In a nutshell, Pollen can help to restore the vitality of our body, and revitalized body cells and in turn respond more positively to the efficacy of Lingzhi.

This goes back to the 80:20 rule, take these two products *over a long period* to ‘gau dim’ most of our body functions.


Lingzhi and Pollen aside, we also take SH’s other products — from its Soya Protein and Fibre, Lactoberry, Greenzhi toothpaste, to its CEO coffee (best coffee I’ve ever tried), Lu Chun tea, Vcare Shampoo, and Go Eco detergent.

At the risk of sounding corny, but I can’t quite imagine how our lives would have turned out without these products; and of course, the business that has changed my mom’s life.

My wish is for all of us to be mindful of our health, and to continue to keep healthy, in years to come.

For truly, health is our greatest wealth.


4 thoughts on “SHUANG HOR LINGZHI

  1. Terence Pau says:

    I swear by the Lacto Berry. Never was a morning person until I decided to pop 3 Lacto berry’s Daily. Effect was immediate.

    • wltang says:

      So happy to hear that, Terence! It really helps me when I have diarrhoea or when I feel like I’m about to fall sick. I try to take it daily alongside Lingzhi & Pollen.

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