I was searching for some old files in my old pen drives, and stumbled upon this unpublished draft – some of my observations in my daily life [then] which have spurred me to write this short post.

-November 2015-

WHILE WE get to enjoy a Japanese meal, even a simple one, a waiter from a restaurant nearby was queuing in front of me to get a papaya for RM1 – possibly to save his hunger. If anything, I’m happy for him, least he’s eating healthy.

While we get to walk and run and exercise and dance, some old people are stuck in wheelchairs – needing people to attend to them, even to the simplest needs of consuming food and going to the toilet. Stroke patients have it hard as well.

While we stay in hotels, even just a modest one, the housekeepers (some who are old women enough to be grandmothers) are cleaning our used sheets and toilets. It can be so monotonous.

While we complain about our jobs (this applies to petty complaints), there are some who are slaving away under the heat, or are stuck in a role where it really consumes them (for whatever reasons) with no way out, and yet get paid peanuts.

Some may not even be physically fit to do the job, but they still have to do it, just because they do not possess other skill sets or they need an additional avenue to support their family. Some, have left their families at their home countries, to come here for better employment prospects.

While we rant about the inconvenience of renovation of our home or workplace, construction workers are working day and night to rush to get us what we want.

And the list could go on, and on, and on.

I feel a tad bit guilty writing this, admittedly, knowing I haven’t been thankful enough for what I have and am. I haven’t also been positive enough in my thoughts and actions.

We often get too perturbed with our own lives, that we fail to notice what goes on around us.

Yes, it’s a matter of perspective. These people I mentioned above may be happy doing what they are doing, they could even be happier than us even.  But does that justify our silly complaints and unhappiness?

The universe is so much bigger than us. Things do not just revolve around us.

I suppose, at the end of the day, we should count our blessings (however small we think they are), do good, and treat others well.

And equally as important, we should take good care of ourselves (our mind, body, and soul), so that our loved ones do not have to worry about us.


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