I had some time to spring clean my work desk today and came across some old notes, work-related notes back when I first started as a business journalist. Whether it’s from processing an announcement on Bursa Malaysia (before I even knew how to approach it) or from a press conference.

And oh boy, it was good looking back at these hand-written notes. I actually remember most of the pieces I’ve written and so looking at these notes, most which are from just my first few weeks into the job, almost made me laugh how serious I was in approaching each story while not knowing if I was even doing it correctly.

For example, the one on the privatisation of Nadayu, I actually read the whole circular (to which I realize after no one does that here, or at least they just read the first few pages) and drew out the structure of the whole deal. The ‘big’ picture of it. I have a thing for drawing mindmaps, like which party bought how many percent take in another party, in what manner, and how it all gels or pens out.


For top glove’s assignment (that was my second week into the job!), I literally took down everything the ED presented and thought the point he mentioned about – nitrile gloves to account more of the group’s earnings by a certain year – was interesting. He gave the exact percentage from its current contribution to what the group is eyeing.

Am glad I took after my mom where she takes notes wherever she goes, in any environment she feels she can learn or absorb new things.

Anyway looking back at these notes, most which after penning them down I note down Q’s that pops up in my mind… I liked how it was so raw, so… ‘noob’ you may even call it; like why bother to know so much?

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And so I thought I’d write this post, to serve as a reminder to always have this habit no matter how far into my job I will go.

Because I do realize that the longer we are in a job, naturally yes we would know what and where to look out for quickly; but there may be times where we may forget the little details which are important, the approach which we first used to get everything right on the dot, the ‘big’ picture which is so crucial and what’s most important at the end of it.

Of course, not at the expense of wasting unneccessary time or being inefficient.


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