Today, my brother Ken and I, under an appointment our father made for us, went to see a (wellness?) doctor linked to The Laureate, subsidiary group of Beacon Hospital.

It was our second time meeting the doctor.

The first time we did was when we got our genes test results, or our personalized nutrigenomic report some six months ago. Yes, our whole family did a genes/ DNA test!

The casual chat and discussion with the doctor today was on our recent blood test results – which is to complement the genes results.

At some point during the discussion, or after perhaps, it made me realize how lucky I am to have health conscious parents.

No, they are not the sorts who restrict your diet completely, to the extent of only-eat-macrobiotics-without-indulging… I still have my waffles, nasi lemak and teh tarik; Ken still has his beers, and Shaun… well Shaun still does not take in a single french fries into his body.

Basically, the one point my parents want to drive home to us is that – to cultivate good and healthy eating habits as a lifestyle when we are young, while we are young.

With this, hopefully, we are able to prevent and minimize diseases and illnesses in the future.

After all, as the age old saying goes, prevention IS better than cure. By the time something happens and you need to cure, it will be more costly and timely, and worst is if you’re unable to cure or bring it back to the original healthier state.

Some have been born lucky, or luckier, with good genes from both parents.

Everything in moderation, yes, but it also depends on circumstances. And in my case, as per my genes test – I’d need to cut down on inflammatory food and boost up anti-inflammatory food, such as:

Thank goodness I love almost all of it! Whee. My favourites: Mackerel, Edamame, Kai Lan, Broccoli, Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon, Curry Powder…

In line with that, re my blood test – that my cholesterol level is a tad higher than the normal range. I’ve taken a mental note on that, and am consciously making an effort (though bit by bit) to drive down the bad cholesterol level. My good cholesterol is high, which sort of off-sets the bad ones, softening the total ratio, but still – no point if I eat more good oil but continue to pound on the bad oil, right?

Genes and hereditary aside, which contributes to up to 30% of your state, the rest of it actually comes from your lifestyle, diet, and habits. And best part is, these are manageable.

Most in my age might think, why the hell would I care about my health so much now? I should continue to party and drink, whack all the food I want and can, while I’m still young, no need to worry.

Well, I’m not a health maniac, for sure. But I have seen cases (not many, but still) of people falling ill and I do not wish upon myself to reach that stage one day. A

And so, before any food intake now, I will think twice. I still cave in sometimes, but at least I think twice now hehe.

Also, I am very fortunate to have supplements at home to help boost my immunity. My mom has been distributing health supplements under Shuang Hor for 20 years and a little more – and my family has been taking Lingzhi and Pollen since… forever. Though I have not been taking them diligently, I hope to, now onwards. I also take lactoberry probiotics and omega fish oil. (Will write about this another time soon!)

As with anything, there is no point in knowing something but to not execute it. Knowledge is powerful only when applied, my mom once said a few times.

“Things you learn must lead to action and to your benefit, don’t just leave it as knowledge…”, said a CEO, whom I met for an interview last week.

I feel lucky and blessed to have parents to impart and instill in me not only values and morals, financial prudence and management, but also on health and well-being. To be aware, know, and differentiate what’s good, right, and what’s not so at a rather young age – is indeed a blessing, and I silently thank them for this.


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