I no longer head out to party on Friday and Saturday nights. I can’t even remember (when was) the last time I headed out to a bar, even. Honestly.

I no longer incessantly update my social activities on social media. I remember there was one phase in my life where I’d update my outs and abouts on facebook, i.e. that friend’s birthday, coffee, etc. Even statuses on how I feel.

THAT said, I still feel a change of lifestyle is needed at this point.

Days just fly past so quick, week after week, weekend after weekend. Am I happy with my daily habits? Have I achieved, or seek to achieve, what I set out to do so in the beginning of the year?

For starters, I want to see myself sleeping by 11pm or latest midnight, and wake up by 8am daily. Of course, there will be days where I can’t heed to this rule, but I hope to inculcate this discipline in most of my days.

I want to ‘play’ less with my phone, i.e. check out facebook, instagram, especially before I sleep. Sometimes, without realizing, it eats up into a lot of my time.

In line with the above two points, I want to start making good use of my time. And set out to do the things I have such as learning new songs on the guitar and piano (and record ’em), writing more – on things that are close to my heart, reading up and learning – on topics such as health and well-being, current affairs, the state of the world at large, philosophy; and keeping in touch with the mandarin language etc.

I want to start exercising again. I used to at least play badminton once in two weeks. Now?! I don’t even move my body for any purpose. I’ve been telling myself I’d like to climb Kiara Hill or any (easy) hill during weekends mornings, but I haven’t been doing so.

Perhaps, I wish to also start saying yes to outings, such as lunches, dinners and drinks asked by friends. Honestly I have been so lazy these days, rather couping up in my home or if anything, hang at places nearby. Contrary to what some may think of me that I ‘socialize’ and ‘head out’ a lot, I don’t – personality does not necessarily equate to what you do in your daily life.

Alas, a change of lifestyle is mostly only made possible by a change in mindset and thoughts. And which I feel is the biggest hurdle and challenge one can implement in his or her lifestyle. One must want it enough to see changes.

Besides that, one must also have positive and healthy thoughts, to see through these physical changes. Else, what’s the point in wanting to do all the above but dragged down by negative and draining thoughts?



  1. WS says:

    Are you unhappy though? Or not coping too well with the hours and volume of work? I can relate on how tempting it is to just hibernate but I think doing things you enjoy will help one cope better. And exercise too

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