“Have more than you show, speak less than you know.” ~ William Shakespeare

The opposite of that, would be, those who have less than they show, and speak more than they know.

And these people so happen to be the one type – besides those who are insincere and all ‘fluffy’ – who irks me.

I know, I should not let these petty stuff affect me, but I’m only human after all. (Though I hope as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I’ll learn to eventually not care about these things at all)

Now before I go on, I’m not saying people with this particular trait are not nice or good human beings, they just happen to be like that… for whatever reason. In fact, they can be (or deemed to be) the nicest around.

I haven’t met many of these kind of people in my course of work (and life) so far, maybe less than a handful.

But it’s enough for me to deduce that these people know how to present themselves very well. They know exactly what to say, how to say, when to say it, and most importantly – who to say it to.

And what more when first impression lasts the most and longest!

It’s more than acceptable if you actually do know your stuff and live your ‘presentation’ up to your knowledge and experience. I am for people who speak and show qualitatively.

But for those who do not, while they may appear to be impressive and convincing, you will not know their true substance until you’ve worked with him or her personally (unfortunately). Be it in a team project, or just aiding that someone in his or her work.

A side note: I do not judge where one begins, but rather, I am more interested in his or her process and journey of growth. I for sure didn’t know a hell lot of things too when I first started as a business writer! But bit by bit, day by day, I absorb, pick things up, and learn.

I have said it before that I have huge huge admiration for people who start from ground zero but eventually moved up the ladder of knowledge, by sheer willingness, hard work, and humility.

Anyhow, thinking back to a few years back as a fresh graduate, I had high hopes and dreams. In interviews I would ‘showcase’ myself to my best ability, and would land the job almost effortlessly.

In one of my rotations in my previous organization, however, I realized this could lead to the tendency of ‘over-promising’ and ‘under-delivering’. Since then, I have kept a mental note to only say and promise what I can do. I realized that while I had the ‘in the books’ knowledge, I was lacking in experience.

Aware of that, I told myself I had to get my hands ‘dirty’ a bit being on the ground, and so I did, being a commercial banker for one year. And a business reporter and writer thereafter, for just slightly over a year.

All these being said (I do feel much better now… writing is so therapeutic), I will not let all these get to me. People like these are everywhere. And if they can get by, it must mean they are doing something right, isn’t it? But if they are seriously lacking in quality, eventually, it will show, eventually. You can only ‘fake’ so much.

And so, I will continue to work on myself – to improve on my self development, my work, my goals…

And always keeping in mind that:

“…talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.” ~ Patrick Suskind


One thought on “THAT ‘ONE’ TYPE OF PERSON

  1. JN says:

    Greatly inspiring!! Indeed that is happening in my case too. Am an ambitious fresh grad with no quality. I shouldn’t mind getting my hand ‘dirty’. Thanks for the your 2 cents. They enlightened me somehow.
    Great writing! Do keep it up!!

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