Turning a year older this year, I realize I did not/ am not asking for much except:

To harness and have peace in all that I do (think, say, act, respond), to be able to maintain good and optimum health, to upkeep positivity and cheerfulness in my daily life – in both good and not-so-good times.

As I turn 27, I would like to believe I have matured compared to ten, five or even two years ago. But, there is still a long way more to go (I hope to live a healthy, able, and happy life till I’m in the 80s or even 90s!); and truly, change is the only constant in life. It’s up to us to choose AND adopt to changes that can lead us to a better life.

Below are a few thoughts that have crossed my mind in recent weeks… they are pretty random and include traits of how I’d like to see myself apply and be more:

  • In scenarios which are less ideal, to always think rationally before I react or allow myself to be angry, “in a bigger scheme of things, is this worth getting heated up over now?”
  • In line with the above, to approach things with a sense of calmness and not get ‘mang zang’ so quick
  • To let go of things that I can’t control; to detach from things which are worldly and temporary
  • To stay true to myself at all times – to my own set of values, morals, and beliefs… And with that, not mind what people might have to say about you.
  • To forgive easily and move on with life… I have been fortunate not to have experienced anything major that I can truly say ‘I forgive you’, but I remember I used to be affected by silly things as what some might have to say about me (be it inaccurate and perhaps immature remarks from a certain few people), but no more now. The truth will always prevail, plus karma will work its way around things
  • Try not to second think or second guess people’s words
  • I would like to see myself love and respect my family members more, my parents, two brothers, and grandmother
  • Do more of what makes me happy


I’ve said this in my instagram – I’m a lucky girl and I don’t wanna ever take this for granted.

Thank you to all who has been a part of my life thus far, even in the smallest ways possible. May all be happy and healthy always 🙂


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