I miss writing.

Not the kind of writing where you plan oh-so-carefully and make sure that you address all points possible and necessary, but writing that you pen down spontaneously as a thought comes into your mind.

Many of a time I find myself having these thoughts I’d so very much like to blog about, but I never fail to always delay blogging about it to “another” time – which almost never happens in the end as I’ll end up forgetting about it. On the very few rare occasions, these “thoughts” are saved in my drafts somewhere waiting to be re-visited one fine day.


I miss those times where I’m able to just type ’em out all aimlessly like how I verbal diarrhoea my mind out (LOL). And it’s funny how I spend so much time writing business news at work that I have no more mojo (or energy more like it) doing what I truly love, which is writing about…

What do I envision myself writing about, actually?

Well, I would love to write about things that are real, things that are moving, things that can make an impact. It can be an idea (i.e. that I’ve come to know and thought it was brilliant), an action, a movement, a career, someone’s life, why does someone act this way, how do people live how they live and why, and why do people perceive things a certain way, are we to fault them?

I would love to write about things that can bring people of the same ideologies together, yet not break those who agree & disagree apart. And not judge or discriminate those who disagree, too. Yes, that’d be nice.

  Of course, my thoughts and opinions may not be entirely correct or even acceptable to some or even many. But that’s not the point. The point is I attempt to keep tabs on my thoughts that I know at the same time can possibly bring an impact to some, in one way or another. Also, as a writer, I strongly believe before one even writes about something, one should do ample research and see things from both points of view (best even if you can speak to people from both different views).

Yesterday, I wanted to write a short one on TIME. On how time is so precious in today’s world, we (or I, rather) would grumble at the very thought of having spent extra time doing something which we deem “unnecessary”, and in some cases would even rather spend a little more money than to spend a little more time. I wasn’t happy that I had to re-visit the bank branch three times to get something simple done. I could have taken a nap with that time. (then again, also partly my fault that I had to waste that extra time, which made me even more…beh song coz I brought it upon myself hmmph)

Rewind to the day before yesterday: While crafting an email to my friend SM on food places to visit in Melbourne, it got me thinking of how little I know of the city I spent three years in! I had to facebook all my previous pictures and albums etc to come up with a decent (could be better) list for my friend. Geez.


A picture I found while scrambling through old photos; oblivious to the shot being taken, just like what I’d like to see in my writing – not planned, not “posed”.

I miss my short hair.

Now here’s a random one. A thought that comes to my mind sometimes is: You know how during meal times and we have our grandma or grandpa at the same table? What goes through their minds? I always notice (in my case) that our parents and us children would be talking and perhaps laughing too, at things and topics that our grandparents may not comprehend. What are our grandparents thinking? For the luckier old folks who understand the same language or dialect spoken, it’s okay; but what about those who do not? Are they happy that at least a whole family is happily sat down eating together?

Shucks, my soft spot is definitely old people, and I’m sure as hell this will not be the first time you’ll hear me write about old people.

Looking back briefly at the posts in this blog, they are long and mostly pre thought-of pieces. That does not mean they are not real, they are; but they are just pre-planned and not as spontaneous.

For now, I still have two posts pending on my Taiwan trip which I have in mind to blog about since foreverrr.

Going forward, however, I would like to see myself writing more care-freely, more spontaneously, more….geared towards speaking my mind, which is ultimately the aim of this blog. Spontaneous pieces, I know, after-all come off best; raw, but oh so real.

Accompaniment tracks while blogging this post: Peace by O.A.R. and 我只一只小小鸟 by 赵传



  1. WS says:

    I used to write freely. Words flowing straight, and fast. Or when I play with words, and have fun with it. I miss that. Now I have to weigh my words more carefully, and it has become cumbersome, such that I don’t write much anymore. Sometimes, not everything needs to be planned. Sometimes, something straight out of the heart has more impact. But it depends on circumstances I guess.

    Don’t lose that voice of your words. Keep up the writing!

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