Spent last weekend in Cameron Highlands and I had such a lovely time there!!

Was really looking forward to it as I haven’t visited Cameron in agesss, for at least a good 15 years I reckon (gosh am I that old now?!); and we were gonna hike up Mount Irau, that was the main purpose of the trip. Knowing the people we went with – mom’s badminton and outdoor kakis – I had no doubt at all that the trip would be filled with fun moments, great food, and adventures.

We took off on a Friday noon and arrived Cameron in the late afternoon, in time for a coffee/ tea break!

imageOutside Ye Olde Smokehouse; where Jason & Renee brought us to…


 …have the best damn scones ever!!

Honest to goodness. The texture was just so perfect, and the whip cream was simply delightful. Coupled with the chilly weather and garden setting where we were sitted… Ahh, would love to spend days there on my own with a book next time.

imageThe inside of Smokehouse; it has residential rooms too if you wanna stay there! The whole interior and music is so British, felt like I was not in Malaysia at all! I’m keeping in mind to try out their brunch and dinner menu the next time I’m in Cameron.

The next morning, after some warm hawker breakfast at Brinchang, we drove up the winding hill towards Mossy Forest Walk for our hike.


Remembering the movie, ‘The Journey’


Mummy, Ken, and I at the Mossy Forest entrance


We had to walk many many steps through a boardwalk before the trail to Gunung Irau started

“…Venturing below the boardwalk to step on the forest floor, visitors will soon discover its moist peat-like texture, each step leaving deep water-filled imprints on the soil. At the end of the walk, a trail starts towards Gunung Irau, the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands.” — took this off Cameron Highlands website

The hike started at about 9 am.

imageMummy & I before we got down to being muddy & dirty

More from Cameron’s website: “In this chilly environment, stunted stumps, wrinkled leaves and gnarled branches of oak trees clump together, forming dense crowns that portrude furiously from the ground like mushrooms.”

image“As you turn around, look at the rich layers of moss that drape the tree trunks and butteresses, infusing them with a soft, green appearance. Meanwhile, vines, orchids, pitcher plants and other fascinating epiphytes hang loosely from the canopy, perched silently on branches and stems in this chillingly quiet labyrinth.”

(because I suck in describing the nature)

imageSuch magical, fluffy, natural greeneries warranted a pose, or many poses

imageThe (little) group I climbed up the mountain with… the two men were very patient with us ladies.


Like a maze in there! This picture really encapsulates our little adventure inside the forest, nothing short of using our body strength to pull us through each tree branch 😀


Refueling ourselves at the ‘mini peak’, we had apples, bread with peanut butter, scones, coffee…

I also took the opportunity to change both my top and bottom (behind a bush, ahh OBS times…) and felt so much refreshed after. I even attempted a 5-mins nap on the floor with my head lying on my backpack, to which a fellow other hiker saluted me for that, haha.

We hiked up a little more, but decided not to head to the peak (despite being just 30-40 mins away from it) as mummy’s knee was hurting. It was hurt days before and the hike was meant to be a leisure one for her, thus really kudos to her for going this far. Also, both my shoe soles came off halfway up the hike, and so I’ve been hiking for about an hour and a half without shoe soles!!

Nevertheless, the hike down… I did it in a much faster pace, hence leaving the little group I went up with. Instead, I spent the hike down on my own most of the time, and were joined with some of the other members of the group (60+ of them in total) along the way.

imageHappiest feeling when I landed down the entrance!! Actually, the happiest feeling came the minute I saw the boardwalk… no more climbing and crawling over trees and trunks hehe though thinking back, I actually quite enjoyed that.

My garden gloves and shoes were the colours of my top!! And if you noticed, my top and pants were already changed from before.

imageShowcasing our muddy butts after the hike!

All in all we spent about 7 hours and a little more in Mossy Forest/ Mt Irau. While some were really fast, reaching the peak in an hour and a half, and stayed there for two hours, before spending another hour and a half down (and had time to take a nap to wait for the rest some more haha)…. some spent double the time of that. Still, we came and left as a group.

Cleaned ourselves up with the water bottles we got the day before, and headed to Brinchang (again) to have an early dinner. This time, we ate at the restaurant beside the restaurant we had the previous night. Lol.

The next day, after breakfast at Tanah Rata, we stopped by Robinson waterfall and went to hunt for strawberry jam!!

imageThe walkway to someone’s house to get apparently one of the best jams in Cameron.

imageMy bro and I ended up having strawberry ice cream. I’m no strawberry lover but the ice cream I had? Was the shizz, loved it!

imageUncle Chan also brought us to the forestry department, where camp sites are rented out for stay!! Once again reminded me of those OBS days, man I miss them. I was a tougher cookie back then.

Then it was off to Lata Iskandar waterfall to chill/ picnic/ wash our shoes and clothes!!

imageDon’t worry, we washed them at the very base of the waterfall… here I am washing mom’s shoes as my shoes (actually, it’s moms old shoes as my two other sports shoes were new and I didn’t wanna risk them) were un-salvagable with them soles gone.

imageThe gang; we had papaya, maggie mee, nuts, super ring (mine, haha), hot coffee for picnic


Renee and I off to play with water!

imageCan you see us? No?

imageNow you can… What’s with my kawaii pose??

imageView from afar

imageSuper syok!! Free jacuzzi hehehe


I like this picture… gotta thank the photographer, Jason

imageWith most of the ladies, young and old

The washing up thereafter wasn’t so pleasant though. Wished Malaysia’s public toilets were taken care of more properly. Then again, it’s also the citizens who use them who has to play a role in using them properly, yeah.

We then bid Cameron Highlands goodbye, and drove off to Tanjung Tualang for a well-deserved kick-ass seafood meal.

imageLook at ’em prawns. Enough said.



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