You know how sometimes when you listen to a song, or some songs, and it brings back certain memories? It can be a place, an event, a moment…

Today in the car, on 爱FM, this song came on. And boy, my mind flooded back to times spent in Yingkou 营口, China!!

I first heard it in Mr Choon Thye [Tan]’s car as he picked Mrs Tan and I up from Da Lian airport. It was the first song played in the car, and the journey to Yingkou took 2 1/2 hours. Since then, I got hooked onto the song and thank goodness, there are not much song choices in his car (only had 1 CD I think) so the cycle always ends up to that song hahaha.

Have you played the video?

So easy and pleasant to listen to yeah? The melody is just so… soothing. The instruments brought back the few 古箏 classes I had there too.

You don’t have to know me very well to know that I love Chinese songs. In karaoke, I sing mostly Chinese songs. When I’m sad, I listen to Chinese songs. Actually when I’m happy I also listen to Chinese songs. When on the piano, I, too, play… okay you get the drift.

Anyway in conjunction with reminiscing this song and times spent in Yingkou, I’m uploading a few (just a few) pictures of some memorable times spent there. Am capping it to 10 pictures as the rest of it can be found in my China blog!


Climbing 青 with Mr & Mrs Tan


My first weekend upon arriving YK and Mr & Mrs Tan brought me on a getaway/ road trip to 桓仁… Here I am with Xiao Dan, one of the loveliest girls ever! Still remember how she would call me 親愛的 🙂


With the bunch who visited CIMB Malaysia months before I got sent to YK. I was asked to assist in hosting them in their visit and we got along well then! How nice of Sun Wei to organize a meal with all of them just days upon my arrival.

I can still remember how I would make sure I remember all their names on the first day itself in their visit to KL. Never underestimate remembering people’s names, mummy always says! Something I’ve held on since young until now.


In the very same restaurant as above (my favourite), lunch just the day after with my colleagues in my department! If you’re in YK, you MUST try this place called: 金剛山. Best BBQ ever.

Yes, working in banks in China got “uniform” one… Haha. Come autumn and winter, you’d see us wearing blazers and scarves. The head of department and my colleagues were superbly helpful I was so thankful to have been attached with them!


And of course I played badminton in China 🙂 The badminton gang I got so, so close to all thanks to Sun Wei! Spent my free time after work and some weekends with her and others playing badminton and karaoke-ing!

What is an overseas work posting without some leisure time spent?


So fortunate I got to participate in a local badminton tournament too! Here I am with the Bank of Yingkou team! So fun to support one another and head for a delicious Chinese lunch after.


The walkway around the corner of the hotel I stayed in, where I would walk past during the weekends to the market to tapao food, or bakeries.


The people I worked most closely with; the import and export trade unit! The girl there, He Ling, is no doubt one of the nicest and most thoughtful person I’ve met in my stint there. Sometimes when we see each other online in QQ, we would still talk to one another!


With my calligraphy teacher, wang lao shi… Took the opportunity to take up a few calligraphy classes too while I was in YK! His little home would be filled with kids in the weekends. I was, without a doubt the eldest there, though in height, I daren’t say the same.


Mummy came to visit mid-stint (she flew back with me to YK as I return from a week break in Malaysia) and here we are at 山海廣場 at night! Took a stroll there after a delightful seafood buffet dinner after work. Very confident to note that we were probably the only Malaysians living in YK then. YK is considered a third-tiered city in China.

Ok lah one final picture!

This is during autumn time and I remember the temperature of some days would go as low as 3 degrees! I derive so much joy in taking this ride to work (just barely a few minutes from where I live to the bank) and for only 3 yuan!

Ahh, so good to #throwback some of these moments sometimes! Will be doing this from time to time… Don’t think it’s “living in the past”, but more of “Reminiscing good old moments and knowing that I have so much to be blessed and grateful for.” 🙂


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