I’ve been wanting to create a blog category of my outfits for some time now… to sometimes take note and keep track of what I wear, JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! And also to share on where I get my clothes and how I wear what I wear, as I would consider myself to be a bargain purchaser.

Disclaimer: I am no fashion professional or even enthusiast. I buy what I see I like, and what I think works on me.

I have this internal ‘informal rule’ I’ve unconsciously set for myself since ages ago, where I will only mostly consider buying tops that are below RM50, and dresses that are below RM100. I say unconsciously because I didn’t even know I set a ceiling price to my purchases, it was more of a ‘why pay so much more when I can get this similar item for much lesser elsewhere?’

That’s a by and large thing, of course. There has been a few instances – very few though – that I’ll overlook this ‘rule’.

That said, when I shop, I do it without compromising style and quality. Somehow, my eyes have served me well in this area, always so quick to survey and zoom right in to pretty pieces (in my eyes la at least) with reasonable prices! What can I say, the universe gives you what you’re looking for 😉

But I always believe, action speaks louder than words! My wardrobe speaks for itself. I was looking high and low the other day for something expensive I’ve got… and the most expensive item I found, clothing wise, was a RM200 Armani Exchange (the only AX I have btw) black dress I got from Johor Premium Outlet. True Story. Haha.

Anyway, in conjunction with this post… I shall upload an #ootd, in short for outfit of the day, for those who are not aware… which could mean also that you are most likely not an (active) instagram user, hehe.

And yes, my first #ootd (yes, the hashtag needs to be there) has to be in conjunction with the haze. (Geez, of all occasions?, you must be thinking)

Well, polluted air aside and how it’s hazardous for your health, the mask can serve to be an extra fashion accessory, like what you’re about to see below…

Dress: Ya Xiu Market (雅秀市场) in Beijing

– We only had close to an hour to shop in my recent trip to China, and my quick eyes have done me well again. Got it for 40 RMB!

Cardigan: U2 Ladies

– Got it when I was 17 years old! in Mid Valley, where I hardly even go, along with two other spaghetti stripes (one of the same colour as the cardigan but at a darker tone, and another in pink) as I remember it came in a “set”

Shoes: Summit

– Summit shoes are always so comfy! And reasonable too. Have a few pair in my ‘working shoes portfolio’ already to date. The one I’m wearing it a super short nude heel, the colour which is easy to match with almost any outfit, and the heel I can walk miles (lol, I exaggerate)

Bag: Sportsgirl, Australia

– Ah, a love at first sight. Plus it’s on sale, got it for AUD29.90 in Melbourne last year! This colour is so easy to match with almost any outfit in my opinion.


Closer look of my bag. And bright pink nail polish found in a gift box given by my current company.


Beautiful Thomas Sabo necklace

– A gift by my darling brother Ken, he got it from Switzerland with his internship pay back then. How sweet and thoughtful of him 🙂 Charms include: a shoes heels, sunglasses, and a Swiss flower which my brother says means ‘good luck’


Snoopy phone case given by my mom!

And a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon in it.

Whee hope my first outfit post didn’t turn up too shabby! Oh, and before I end… another thing you ought to know about me is that I have the tendency to remember the details of most of the items I bought, like the prices, location, and sentiments to it too. I know righttt. But it’s not that I want to purposely remember, my mind just automatically remembers it! Same goes to people’s names.

In a nutshell, I advocate dollar-worthy purchases. Mix and match, can def make something look classy!

P/S: Over the years I have also learnt to give and take sometimes, to also allow the sellers to make a bit of money la. As long I paid what I’m willing to and what I think the item is worth, I’ll stop my negotiation from there.


2 thoughts on “BARGAIN PURCHASER

    • wltang says:

      Aww thank you for your kind words! Assuming you meant me, that is 😉 I’d like to believe that I strike a balance in the maintenance bit!

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