FIRST OVERSEAS WORKTRIP… and it was to China!

I had my first overseas work trip last week as a business journalist, and it was to Tianjin 天津, China.

I’ve been to Tianjin before back in November 2011, when I decided to drop by the municipality en route to going home, KL from the Liaoning province. My previous company had sent me to Yingkou, Liaoning for a 3 months work and cultural exchange stint and I was making my trip home after completing the stint.

Despite having been to Tianjin, still, China is China, and I love the country… At any mention of traveling to a Chinese city, doesn’t matter if I’ve been before or not, I’ll take it.

China will always have a special place in my heart. The 3 months spent there was insanely amazing and I will always remember 一点一滴 of my experience there mingling with the locals and learning, exchanging so much with them. Thank you, CIMB Group.

I can still remember my previous TJ trip vividly. I had traveled solo, taking the train from the nearest station from Yingkou (which was still 2 hours away) to TJ, checking in a 3 star chain hotel, making my way around touristy areas on my own with the list of places I’ve researched, and what’s most memorable was I watched a 相声 show (a famous localized show) at night and thoroughly enjoyed it!

If you’re keen, you can read all about my previous trip to TJ here.

In a different shoes and role this time around, I paid a visit to TJ once again with overwhelming emotions and memories in my head… so drama. Haha.

Though you’ll see less ‘touristy’ pictures in this post compared to my previous trip as we only had 2-3 hours to sight see, and turned out the two places the guide brought us to – I had been before! I researched well 🙂 *beams approvingly of self*


At the entrance ofancient cultural street, 古文化街


Sleeping in style… almost like a sleeping Buddha and not caring if anyone is watching or not. I thought it was such a peaceful moment, and yet so vogue at the same time I chuckled to myself as I captured this.


Marco Polo square; outside the entrance of Italian Style Town

Italian Style Town was so dead when we were there! So unlike when I previously visited… I remembered having an ice cream, got my cartoon portraiture drawn for 40 yuan, and even bought souvenirs!

Asked the guide why so, and he said it’s because it’s still winter (about 4 degrees during the day and -4 during the night!) and plus it was a weekday afternoon.


Where we had dinner just beside 五大道


Steamed fish in a ‘bath tub’, as described by a fellow journalist


I was told to pose beside this Boulevard of Dreams jeep (is it a jeep? Haha)

And the main purpose of this trip was to visit:


The Airbus’ A320 Final Assembly Line in Tianjin, China (FACL)

It’s the third assembly line and the only one out of Europe following the ones in Toulouse, France and Hamburg, Germany


With local and foreign media


We were taken a little tour in the assembly line, though it was a Saturday, non-working day, hence very quiet


Beijing welcomed us with its infamous fog, haze, or polluted air (picture was taken in the bus)

Our flight departed from BJ and we only got to spend 2+ hours in the city. Spent about an hour shopping at Yashow market 雅秀市场 where I got mummy tennis tops and got to replenish my ancient underwear collection. Bought super comfy basics underwear at such inexpensive prices!! Was super happy 🙂


Again, this was taken in the bus on the way to the airport… You might not be able see properly here but this is where we had to pay toll, where I found the whole ‘entrance’ of it so majestic, almost like the entrance to a kingdom of a palace or something


And lastly, ahh, indulging in a local beer which I did not manage to was deprived of the whole short trip… in a cafe in the airport where I was transcribing my story, no less.

It’s a beer which I’ve bonded with a lot during my time in China back two years ago. 纯生啤酒, 我们又见面了 🙂

Till the next time, 后会有期, 中国. 


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