I know I haven’t been blogging anymore… sorry for the hiatus!

Thought I should make a little post on my 26th, which has just passed, and since it’s still fresh in my mind.

This year, I decided to celebrate it in the most simple manner, taking a mini retirement (which means a few years break) after having organized a huge one last year.

Also, I wanted to do things a little differently this time around. I wanted to be up as early as I can on my real birthday, be able to do the things that I like (if you continue reading below), and basically just have an overall happy day! And not waking up in the afternoon feeling crappy, and having half the day wasted.

On the eve of my birthday, I had a nice dinner with my dear family at Signature, The Roof.


Le Familia, missing Shaun who’s overseas, but including Ken’s other half….


…who got me a Baskin Robbins birthday cake! Thank you Shi 🙂


My dish was delicious! Scallop Black Aglio Maki.

My all-time favourite pasta is definitely Aglio Olio (especially with loads and loads of garlic, but don’t worry I cleanse my palate after hehe), and I love it with just the pasta itself, or with just some seafood to complement it… This dish hits the spot with my taste buds.


Making wishes… one of which my mother and brother guessed right -.-‘ But don’t bother guessing, guys!! Haha.


Oh what would I do without them? I’m who I am today, and I say it honestly and earnestly, because of them.


Outfit of the night.

The irony of this outfit is…. It was the outfit I had in mind to wear last year for my 25th! I actually envisioned the whole outfit first, and somehow chanced upon it online… Talk about the law of attraction! Haha. Though the skirt arrived just in time, but the former did not… Hence this outfit was put on hold for satu tahun.

[Side track: One of my resolutions this year is to not shop for anymore new clothes. Hence for this year’s CNY and birthday, I wore all old clothes! And am pretty damn happy about it!]

I then headed to Stratosphere after for chilled drinks!

Strictly warned my friends first that it’s going to be a chilled session, which means just one drink, and that I have to leave by 12 30 am as I’d have to be up early the next day! Good friends, they are, for I got home just past 1 am 🙂


And managed to wake up early for badminton with the usual Saturday morning (mom’s friends) gang!

I always enjoy playing with this bunch, cool aunties and uncles, have great game experiences, and still so willing to mix with the young ones! They are pretty lame and funny too, just my kind 😉


Our second lunch after badminton, at Kayu… after a Chinese hawker lunch.

Wah, I really want to be happy on my birthday, eattttt only. Hehe.

Went home and took a short nap, then headed for 2 open houses after! It’s still CNY after all, and open houses are always a great time to catch people you don’t often get to see in the year.


In my 5 years old cheong sam which I still adore so much!

Night time beckons, and I ended the day doing what I enjoy doing very much, can you guess what?


Decided on Karaoke with some of my most favourite people in the world!



Thanks for the cupcakes, my SATC girls! Hehe :*

imageA crazy photo of us! Ahh, was a fun, fun night 🙂 Thanks all for coming!

And this wraps up my 16th 26th 😉


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