What happened yesterday morning got me re-thinking of my words-to-live-by that: Everyone has good intentions in what they do.

I was on my way driving towards KLCC, and as I was making a left turn into a smaller road after the traffic has light turned green, I heard a light bump sound.

I disregarded it at first as I had my left signal on before I turned and had both my eyes on the road. I was pretty sure the path was clear when I turned.

Then, a man (not a thin one may I add, and I won’t name which race) who I now recall fell on the side of his bike, stopped me by knocking on my car door.

I stopped at the roadside, winded down a bit of my left window, and asked him if anything was wrong.

He claimed I have knocked him down.

Well, in the heat of that moment, I got worried as naturally when someone says that, you would re-think if you actually did that.

I apologized real-heartedly without hesitation, and told him if I really did knock him, I am sorry for being so careless. I then checked his elbow (which didn’t show any sign of injuries), and his bike, which had just minor scratches (and not sure if I caused them, thing is. It was such a light bump I heard).


He was really rude and kept lashing at me loudly, as if the world owes him something. I asked him nicely if his elbow hurt since he kept rubbing it. He said if he told me his elbow was not hurting would I believe him? And kept repeating “What you plan to do now, you have knocked me”. All in mandarin. I responded in mandarin too.

About 3 Malay men approached us, and the Chinese man told me to drive further upfront to avoid any havoc happening.

I did, and drove up further to near a hotel entrance, as there was security guard in the front and the presence of a few people walking by made me feel calmer.

I asked him nicely what does he want, and if he wanted money. He mentioned up to 200 bucks to repair his bike (an amount lower than what ppl normally would ask for, which got me thinking if he was being real). I replied saying his bike seems fine to me as it could still stand and move when he rode it. He said the bike now ‘sways’ when he rides it.

‘Let me take a picture of your bike, and show it to my parents first; and see what I can do’, I said. He replied me (in an even more want to ‘da gao/ want to fight’ tone) asking my parents to come to the scene! And even asked me to report the police with him. Twice. All the while his voice was loud, tone was rude and menacing.

I had something to attend to and could not afford any time wasted. And I was quite surprised that I was not that nervous as deep in my heart, I had probably thought it was a small matter – though at that point in time, I probably felt more nervous that I should.

Anyway, the 3 Malay men came walking towards us again (I think they were just taking a nice morning stroll in the city), and told me in BM that this Chinese man was trying to con me! Apparently, they said ‘dah tiga lagi dia cuba nak tipu orang tadi!’ as they have witnesses those scenes.

He had in fact tried the same ‘stunt’ to another lady in a Myvi, intentionally knocking her car, and got her to think that she in fact knocked him! And tried to get some money out of her, at that.

I was stunned. When they told me that, and the Chinese man heard it, he shouted at them ‘gila babi’ and rode off. And see, I told you his bike was perfectly fine!!

I thanked the Malay men profusely. They said they hoped I haven’t given the man any money. I said no, I did not. It was such a relief in the end.

Though now thinking back, why didn’t I think of that possibility of the man faking it happening? Intentionally knocking himself into one’s car and fall down, putting the blame on another vulnerable being, making him/ her feel utterly bad so he/ she could just pay him off?

Sigh, I have heard of other cars pulling this off to other cars on the road before, especially towards single ladies’ drivers and at night – purposely banging them and get these ladies to stop their cars.

I had not thought it would actually happen to me, as perhaps, this stunt is a pretty old one and I have not heard of it happening lately.

[Looking at the other side of the story: the Malay men couldn’t have been truthful, for all I know, but say if they were lying about the Chinese man, and the Chinese man was indeed innocent, he could have stayed on and fought for himself, no? He wouldn’t have shouted at them in such a ‘you ruined my plot’ kind of tone and ran off]

Am thankful that happened anyhow, for now it has further alerted my ‘street sense’, if that is what you call it, and a cold hard reminder that not everyone in this world has good intentions.

I’m also utterly thankful that I got out of it safe, for all you know the man could have had a knife with him, or could have broken my car window, or robbed something off me.

P/S: I did not mean to ‘diss’ any race in this post, I outlaid the event as what and how my experience was. I always believe in regarding a person for who he or she is, rather than what his or her race is.

On a separate note, I am relieved (also) that I had paid Kak Siti back her RM6.

Two weeks back, I was at Intercontinental Hotel for a short while, and forgot to bring my purse! I could not pay my parking which costs RM6, and had to plead the parking lady to let me out. She said she would pay for me out of her own pocket.

I was grateful to her I told her I’ll come back and find her one day, to pay her back the RM6. It could be her an hour or two hours pay rate, for all I know, I thought.

Yesterday as I was in the city, I cleared this little debt of mine and felt so good!


One thought on “FAKE MOTORBIKE ‘BUMP’

  1. Passerby says:

    This has happened numerous times I believe. Carjacking by crashing into a car is one of the scarier situations. It’s really hard to gauge what’s appropriate. I had a motorcyclist shouting and waving and pointing at my tyres saying something was wrong – typical trick – I know my car quite well and can pretty much tell if there is something wrong with the wheels, so I just ignored him. He got pretty angry, God knows why. But I kinda knew what he was up to. Another ruse is the smoke from tyres situation, the supposedly pour some chemicals on your tyres and ask you to stop. Smoke comes out from tyres usually. Sometimes it’s best to drive straight to the police station.

    Glad you are fine from this incident. Be street smart but not unkind 🙂 So yes, you can continue believing in the goodness of people, but with a caveat, only when rule of law is strong and in an environment where you know you are perfectly safe. Because the nature of men and women changes with situations.

    PS: Am impressed that you repaid Kak Siti *thumbs up*

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