In fact, it took way longer than expected.

Now when I blog, I tend to be more particular about the headlines or titles that carry through my articles. It after encapsulates just about the gist of the whole story.

Last Friday I had my first experience of a torn tyre.

It’s funny because the whole ordeal lasted 4 hours, when it could have been done in just a few minutes. And I was so fumingly amused that when I got home, I laid down the events one by one, each according to the time that it happened.

Literally a 5-minutes-process-turned-4 hour-hiatus.

That sounds like a better headline, no?!

Anyway, I shan’t bother you with my nitty-gritty timing, but in a nutshell…

I had to call Allianz three times, my car insurance provider, formally; and having to file three cases.

The first time when the car technician arrived [11.30 am], he couldn’t find my tyre-key in my tool box. I did try searching my car to see if I could find this ‘tool’, but not quite thoroughly I think.

And as a result, he left without being able to do anything as he needed the tyre key to remove my torn tyre and replace it with my spare one. He did advice me to call for a tow truck to tow my car to a workshop or the service centre as they would be able to help.

The second call I made to Allianz, I called for a tow truck. It came 45 mins later. In between, I went in to the mall and had a sandwich and juice to calm myself down. It was sweltering outside…

To be safe, I called the car workshop I intended to go (it was the nearest and my dad used to send his car there) to check if they could change my tyre without a tyre key. The guy said to just bring my car over and he’ll have a check at it.

The tow truck came to get my car, the driver’s mother was in the truck too btw, and I sat with them at the front. It was heart-warming to see an elderly lady accompany her son while he goes about doing his job.

We arrived at workshop #1, and after inspecting my car they said they could not help me change my tyre as they do not have the specific tool to do so for my car! They suggested perhaps during my previous servicing and alignment works (elsewhere), they forgot to place my tyre key back into my tool box.

I then called workshop #2 to check if they knew where my tyre key was, seeing it’s most recent workshop I’ve sent my car to, and well, the only workshop I send my car to actually lol. The lady boss, whom I always liaise with, said she will call me back.

I also called the service centre just in case to check if they could help me with this issue of mine if I were to send my car there at that moment. They said the queue is long, lacking technicians, and if I were to send it there, they cannot guarantee that I can take my car back that day itself.

I re-called workshop #2 to check and double check if they could change my tyre without my tyre key. The lady boss said to just bring my car over, she will know what to do. She has always been the one managing my car, I trust her.

I called the same tow truck guy (I had his number as he called me earlier) to see if he could come back and pick me to another workshop, seeing it was only 15 minutes that had passed.

He said he is on the highway now, and can’t anyway, as I would need to re-call Allianz to file another case. Procedures, he said.

And so I did, and waited for yet another 45 mins. It was already 2pm then.

The [same] tow truck arrived, with his mother still sitting in front, and we drove off to workshop #2. We had a nice chat somewhat in the truck, and he gave me options of what I could do if I can’t find my tyre key. Like, changing of rims I think, and buying a new tyre key from the service centre.

Finally, we’re at workshop #2, and this is where miracle happened.

The first thing the lady boss did was to search my entire car, as her first instinct was that the tyre key had to be somewhere in my car, it couldn’t be missing.

She couldn’t find it on first search. She said not to worry, her boy (who fixed my car previously) was already on his way to the workshop to help me fix this. She mentioned I may have to leave my car there for a day.

Then, the lady boss’s husband, who’s also the boss, re-searched my car.

And guess WHAT???

He found the tyre key at the side of my car!!!

wo de tian.

I was MORE EMBARRASSED than RELIEVED. It did not matter to me that it was a waste of my time, but rather a waste of OTHER people’s time! Allianz customer service, the technician, the tow truck guy, the workshop people…

I felt so bad, I penned down my learnings from this.

1) Know what you’re looking for and how it looks like: in this case, the tyre key (I have to admit, I didn’t quite know how it looked like, and I did not search hard enough in my car in the first place….)



For those who are not aware how a tyre key looks like…. or am was I the only one??

2) Know the background of it – when was it last used, used by who?

3) Double triple check current situation – Like in workshop #1, to re-search the car for the tyre key, to prevent further inconvenience

4) There are always other solutions if the immediate solution can’t work

5) Keep Calm

6) Be sure not to repeat the same mistake next time

Oh and I just have to say that Allianz is a superbly good, efficient, car insurance provider! Quick service, good follow-up. I did not hesitate at all to rate them in their feedback email, gave them awesome comments!



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