Was just arranging the chunks of files, papers, and documents in my room the other day. I admit, I can be pretty anal when it comes to organizing things, especially when I wake up to it or am surrounded by it most of the time (in this case, my room). And my office desk, in my previous case.

I gave up spring cleaning these files in my room as somehow I always get distracted; and brought the whole set of papers into the living room! More space, more airy, and in a nutshell better feng shui.


Everything in black & white chucked into a laundry basket before I disseminated them

These are documents I have kept with me since my internship days, some precious self-made academic notes (my fav uni subj – enterprise performance management! and some a-levels econs notes), and the rest are from CIMB during classroom training, rotations; and finally two whole files just on Commercial Banking, my confirmed stint the past year.

I’m a sucker for papers with wisdom and knowledge on them and would keep them as long as I have a feeling I would need to refer to them in the future!

To make organizing things easier, I noted down two categories: ‘KEEP’ and ‘THROW’. Just as how I did the same as well when packing my office desk, and also how Carrie in SATC did the same for her clothes when she had to pack while moving houses, if you are looking for a close analogy LOL.

Under my ‘KEEP’, there are various other labels divided according to its contents.


Labels on post-it notes

I took a pretty long time (and that’s an understatement lol) to sort out these papers and literally drowned in them reminiscing, reflecting. Each paper gave me a walk down memory lane la. Some, I smile while remembering the good times be it the people I’ve met or project we were working on; some, I laugh thinking how silly and inexperienced I was in the working world; some, I stood still taking in how much I have learned in that short period of time.

Overall, I feel very fortunate for these past opportunities and experiences; and  I am grateful for both the ups and the lows.

I won’t state specifically as to which experiences were less memorable than the rest. But thinking back it was these far less ones that made me grow and realize the most about myself: on why certain things did not end up as well, was it because of my decisions and doing, how to ensure it will not happen again etc.

Another pondering moment whilst spring cleaning is also that upon graduating I was pretty confident and gung-ho; having huge aspirations and wanting to make an immediate impact in anything that I do. Two and a half years on, I would still keep the gung-ho bit but I will definitely put aside the pride bit for as much as it is important to maintain the fire in us to achieve things, we should also be humble and willing enough to empty our glasses and re-learn.



  1. Passerby says:

    It’s a pretty long journey, and things will ebb and flow. One thing I’ve concluded is to be sincere with what we do and how we people, and it would seem (with time and patience) things fall into place – you will have people who trust you and would stand up for you along the way. You are on the right track, humility is perhaps one of the main standout qualities in a world of pretensions and superficiality. =)

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