I always tell people to drive safe, and have in my mind to do the same; but I don’t quite think I preach it, well not all the time at least.

This morning, I very unfortunately got into a road accident. With the morning rush on the highway, cars butt-to-butt close and me coming from the left lane to the right with a speed not encouraged on a jammed highway, I hit into the car in front of me; and well the car in front of me hit into the car in front of it. It was a three-domino-effect. Thank goodness the first car in front was okay without too much of a scratch. And thank goodness there was no car who hit me from behind.

The driver of the car I hit and I had to move to another corner to avoid causing jam on the highway. My car despite the front part damaged and water was seen to be leaking water and gas fuming out, could still move – though I’ve been advised to drive in short distances without switching on the air-con and to keep a watch on the temperature meter.

At the first police station where we lodged our police report, things went pretty smoothly, until we’ve been told that we had to visit another police station at PJ State to get our car inspected by a Sergeant and to get our salunan report. Whaaat?! Am I missing something or car accidents inspections can only be done in selected stations? At that point I was already making calls to my office on an urgent task I had at hand.

Arriving at PJ State police station, we were brought one whole round from one division to another (it is huge); seriously it’s not funny that policemen don’t understand us and gives us wrong directory. After getting our forms or reports signed and chopped by Sergeant, we had our cars inspected and taken pictures (with an SLR, mind you!). Uncle Leong – mom’s friend and our insurance personnel – came over to see if he can help since his office was just opposite, really have to thank him! Whole long story cut short, I wished the process was laid out properly for citizens when it comes to making reports and knowing exactly if we had done everything right, to avoid inefficiency i.e. waste of time and effort.

Anyway, I am glad throughout this course, the girl whom I banged (for lack of a better word) was calm and patient with me and the whole situation. We got to talking finally while waiting forever at the 2nd police station and became friends. She’s such a simple and nice 32 year old female (she looks 26!!), we shared on our jobs and how inefficient this system in our country can be. We even ended up having a nice lunch together! The irony, huh? Making a bad situation into a light-hearted one!

Her male colleague who came to help her after we were done at the police station, joined us for lunch as well. Before he appeared, she very swiftly added to me that he was good looking and single. And throughout lunch, she was clearly pro-him. Was she trying to match-make us!!! -.-

Oh and did I mention that she is a car accident virgin? Throughout the many years she was driving she never banged into anyone or had anyone bang her. I was her first. Oops. I felt so paisehhh for the trouble we went through, I bought the meal.

Though on a very serious note now, I really need to take a step back and triple check on my driving skills as I am aware I can get pretty reckless when I’m running tight on time. I got by unscratched or unharmed this time, but I never know if I will be equally lucky the next time. I shudder to think if I could possibly lose my life or others’ lives!!

So this message is for all of us…. Be patient and be safe on the road. It’s not so much the inconvenience of making police reports, claiming insurance, being car-less for a while; but in the bigger picture – for the sake of your life, your loved ones, and the other party’s.


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