Yes I did!

(To the surprise of many some…..)

I was having lunch with a friend at work last week, and she mentioned that she will be cooking for her mother this mother’s day. She was saying how blessed her family is and buying a perfume or something material for her mother won’t make an impactful difference as to doing or making something, i.e. cooking. Her mother loves it when she cooks!

Then the conversation came about how easy it was to roast chicken. Friend mentioned that Nigella Lawson’s recipe is so easy and she has to whatsapp me the extract from the recipe book. (I didn’t follow it in the end cos it was in long paragraphs! So lengthy haha sorry Zu!! For noobs like me I need point forms)

So anyway I was thinking, hey, I shall cook on mother’s day too! And came home and spread this thought to my whole family out loud. (Yes, I have a tendency to think out loud all the time at home) Parents were very pleased though grandmother was a bit concerned on the marketing / buying groceries bit. That shows the number of times I follow her to the market, hehe.

Anyway, shamelessly admitting this, I actually took a while to decipher some of the ingredients and methods taken from Mr Google. I won’t even say it here as it will do damage to my domestic reputation.

What’s most important is that it went well in the end. Oh and disclaimer: Though I did have my helper to assist with the logistics, I did most of the cutting of ingredients and cooking bit! (As per Google’s recipe, of course)

Menu of the Day:


Aglio Olio


Sauteed Mushrooms


Slow Roasted Chicken with Garlic and Lemon


Mango and Tomatoes Salad


And a Baskin Robbins’ Mother’s Day special cake for dessert, compliments from one of my clients; thank you!


 Final showdown! Ain’t too shabby eh?

Should have seen the collage mom made with the pictures of food I prepared above. Hehe, too cute.

Anyway, hope this will not be the last you’ll see of me in the kitchen and the last i-cook post you’ll see in my blog. To more cooking times in the future!


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