Just when I thought I have been doing well in my role in my job thus far, today it humbly reminded me that there is and will always be room for improvement.

I was on MC yesterday and today due to a sudden allergy attack. On my second day of MC, I went back to work at slightly later in the morning. The thing about this role in commercial banking is that we are left responsible to handle an end-to-end process of a financing deal.

In the 5 hours spent in the office, I ensured additional documents needed from my end for the disbursement of a pending new loan is complete after receiving solicitor’s advice to release, and also ensured documents required from the solicitor’s end is also to be completed – and get them out to our CCA unit; I attended to approved reviews by the committee which includes annual renewals of some of my customers accounts and additional facilities given – all of which I had to get the renewal letters and letter of offer out; I attended to trade finance queries on BG facilities of my customers which cannot be issued due to certain reasons; I attended to an account which certain collaterals have to be liquidated to regularize delinquent payments before it reaches an impairment stage (thank goodness my credit boss assisted me in the approval and maintenance process in this one! thank you); I attended to calls in the office…

Multi-tasking at its peak with different tasks for different customers at one point.

Sorry for the rant above, was just one of the busier days as a business banking RM and I was just knackered by the end of it all. I do know that some of the things above can wait for a few more days, but I guess I possess this ‘sense-of-urgency’ of the need to attend to my customer’s needs as soon as possible.

Anyway to the main point of the story, I was too focused on my pending things to do; servicing customers which currently need my attention most, and have perhaps overseen something else which is also quite as important.

When you have overseen something, don’t be too quick to defend your own guard. (Something which I’ve learned notably) Take a step back, rewind and rethink, if you were responsible for the oversight – acknowledge it, and apologize. Then make a strong mental note to not repeat it in the future. Nothing like a lesson well-learned from a mistake or oversight 🙂

Working and living is a life long journey. Never at one point think you have mastered it all and could do no wrong; because the moment you think have, is the moment that you have failed.


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