Took my little prada out for a colleague’s wedding dinner I attended over the weekend.

It’s my first ever designer bag or piece, and it’s presented by my dear mother.

It was in year 2007 when she got me this bag, before I left for Australia to further my studies. She got it for me for two reasons, she said:

One, to remind me of my value and that my family can afford to award me with this small gift. This is to ensure I will not get swayed by material goods as I go overseas, and not let men buy my heart easily by just splashing expensive goods on me. (Not that any has, actually… In fact, none so far. Oh I now know why!! -.-)

Two, to remember that my first designer piece is from my mother who loves me so much.

If you must know, my family is very prudent in their spending, and can even be considered thrifty back in the past. My parents have always believed in good education and good health / lifestyle, and will not be stingy or hesitant at all in spending in these two categories. So the fact that mom got me a designer good, for good reasons, shows that she is one who loves but with strong values behind it.

I will always remember this and the other simple-essentials a woman should have, given by my mother.

Amongst them is a gorgeous watch I received when I got 8A’s for my PMR. This watch, my mother said, is with hopes that I will wear it on my first job interview as I graduate.

As she always tells me, a woman does not need to have many things in her life (fashion wise); but what a woman should have is: A pair of quality jeans, a classic pair of pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, a good watch, and a good pair of sunglasses in her life time and to last her through her life time.

Hmm… I’ve got all of the above except for the sunnies, mummy. Haha. I kid!!


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