The best assam laksa I’ve tasted so far, is the one in Penang, in Pasar Air Itam.

Well, not unless you count also the very same famous Penang Air Itam’s assam laksa stall located in Asia Cafe, Subang.

I was just having supper with some friends there last night (a friend told me about it after seeing what I posted on instagram on the penang’s one). It was my second time being back in taylor’s college subang area since I’ve graduated from A-levels yearsss ago, and I have tons to share about walking down memory lane but I shall leave that for another time.

Anyhoo, the assam laksa did not disappoint; true to its stall header/ name and true to words that it’s a branched out stall from the original one in Penang.

I got to chat up with the owners, who are husband and wife (who both prepare the very assam laksa that I ate); and found out that the wife is in fact the daughter of the man behind the Pasar Air Itam’s assam laksa stall in Penang! The husband hails from Pahang but met and got married to the lady (the daughter of the original owner) while working in Penang. Both were so down to earth, kept saying “kiam sia” which means thank you in hokkien, to me, for supporting. I love Penang people for their hospitable mannerisms!

Told my grandmother prior that I would tapao the assam laksa for her. She was doubtful there would be the same exact penang assam laksa found elsewhere other than Penang. But when I got home past midnight, she was (im)patiently waiting for it!!

She took a slurp…. and nodded approvingly that yes, it tasted like the one in Pasar Air Itam 🙂

Though after a few slurps she did add in hokkien that: “But the one in Penang is still a little nicer.” -_-



Pictures taken during my recent trip to Penang

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