Not quite lazy at this point so thought I’d share some pictures of my recent trip down-under!! [The whole uploading of pics takes so longgg, instagram has become my alternative/ short-cut out/ insta-blog or however you call it]

In no particular order;

I had the privilege to taste local downtown joints (some of which I’ve not tried before) ranging from a variety of cuisines:


Gami Korean Chicken & Beer, Exhibition Street with Liz, Jay Son, Wen, and Xin


Best dayum fried chicken I’ve ever tasted, I tell you! Paired with light beers, it’s perfect in my taste buds preferences. I made a little joke during dinner that I do not mind at all to be proposed to in a casual setting over chicken wings, beers, and a live band playing. I’m serious, by the way. Thank you Liz for picking this place!


Authentic Japanese @ Horoki, Liverpool Street with Yi Ping, her beau, and Ruwan


Did a picture collage to save space. My favourites would be the sashimi salad, bread with garlic octopus filling, and fried soft shell crabs. The jap pasta was pretty good too! I had a James Boag beer to complement my dinner, only found in and since I’m in Aussie I thought. Thank you Yi Ping for picking this place!


Casual Japanese @ Menya Ramen, Elizabeth Street with ex-colleagues (I had the famous Gyu Tan Don)

Into my second half of Uni, I worked as a casual waitress in a boardgames cafe on Lygon Street called ‘My Cube Cafe’. It was the only boardgames cafe in Melbourne at that point in time and we liaised a lot with student clubs where we cater food and assist in hosting gatherings for them. My first experience waitressing, and I’ve grown to be comfortable with this little warm MyCube family.

Green tea & Roche ice cream at Freddo’s, Lygon Street for desserts after


Korean BBQ lunch @ Oriental Spoon, La Trobe Street with Jackson

One of my good HK friends, we met in the melbourne uni badminton club years ago! A down to earth and sincere dude, he plays really good badminton and piano; and I will always remember him for his sweet gesture of hunting for and printing piano notes of my favourite songs for me. He was the one who introduced me to Yiruma too, and ‘River Flows in You’ – a breathtakingly beautiful piece by the artist.

Vietnamese lunch @ Sen, Footscray with Jesse

I only had one dish on my mind stepping into the restaurant: Bun Cha. And indeed Bun Cha Hanoi was the first item in the menu! Was so happy and though it’s not as street-like as the ones I had in Hanoi, it was good enough to satisfy my craving. Had my thick vietnamese coffee too to complement my dish 🙂

To having drinks at favourite bars frequented by friends:


Drinks @ The Supper Club, Spring Street with Marty (a fellow baddy mate)

I tried tawny for the very first time, recommended by Ru! It smells strong, but the after-taste is incredibly sweet. Enjoyed it. Also savoured one of the richest sticky date puddings ever in the supper club.


Drinks @ Joomak, Swanston Street with Sue Ann, her beau, bro, etc

Where I savoured flavoured rice wines and sojus for the very first time! Recommended and ordered by Liz, we had mango rice wines and lychee soju… omg so yummy!


Clubbing @ Crown Casino in conjunction with Easter with Yi Ping, Ru etc

Just like old times! It was an event and naturally, you’d expect to see at least 80% of Malaysians in that one club. I bumped into friends of my younger brother Ken and even friends of my youngest brother Shaun (who’s in his first few weeks in first year uni); a reminder that I’m no longer in my teenage years and university days.

To quaint brunch and coffee places…

Brunch at Chez Dre, South Melbourne with Shin

Shin & I go way back to 10 years ago when were 14 – 15 years old in high school. Definitely a good catch-up because we haven’t met or spoken in years, and she’s pretty much settled in Melbourne now.

I love Sauteed Mushrooms!


Coffee with Liz at a hipster-ish cafe at a back lane in Melbourne CBD (where I had soy latte, an acquired taste definitely)

To home-BBQs on Easter Sunday…


Gathering @ Hil’s place in Reservoir – with university mates who have been working in Melbourne right after graduation


@ June’s place in Maribyrnong, my ex-boss in MyCube Cafe – got to see and carry her newborn baby!!

To a Day Trip in Phillip Island!!


My dear friend Andrew drove from Sydney to spend the Easter weekend in Melbourne with his friend, and so I was really glad we got to go Phillip Island for the day! Firstly cos we’ve known each other since primary school and he is a peculiar guy whom I really enjoy hanging out with; and secondly cos I haven’t been to Phillip Island in the 3 years I was studying in Melbourne. (I know right…. but Great Ocean Road I’ve been twice ok!! lol)


Enjoying take-away fish & chips at a beach nearby, that’s what an aussie holiday should be about! hehe

You can actually count down to watching the penguins! Smallest species in the world found in Phillip Island, Melbourne.

Besides the above, I’ve also met up with Wei Lim, my bro Ken’s good friend for an italian lunch on Lygon Street (god I loooove Lygon for its ambience and quality of italian food) and had the chance to visit Jay’s magnificent Booz & Co office on Collins St (the view was simply whoa, you’d only imagine). Spent my last night in melb at Liz’s place where we had red wine, cookies, and delicious Indon Mee fried up by Xin! (he has a reputation of being an amazing Indon Mee Cook hehe)

It was a good trip overall, and I’m grateful that I still have a handful of good friends in Melbourne who took time to bring me out to places to eat and drink. Thank you all. Special thank you to those who hosted me for some nights, for picking me up from train stations, and sending me off the airport. Much love to you guys!


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