Little buys

Got myself two little buys yesterday!! 🙂 I dress simply most of the time and have only become slightly more in tune to what the fashion world has to offer and making the effort to dress up of late. Even then, I still prefer going basics unless I have an occasion to attend; or if I am in the mood to look more… made up.


These sandals caught my eye the moment I laid eyes on them! Probably because of its striking colours. (Hope you weren’t checking out my legs instead! Haha I kid) Easy to wear, comfortable, casually stylish. Had wee bit of a hard time picking the colours though: Teal green or Bright Pink? With teal, it’s easier to match and hence a safer pick. But pink looks like it’s meant for me more! If you get what I mean.

As I walked around further deciding on the colour (yes I had to think about it), my eyes came across this hidden gem… and what I would call a love-at-first-sight encounter. In time and posts to come, do expect to see a fair bit more of these “encounters” of mine.


So gorgeous right!!! It’d be perfect for a cocktail session, nice evening dinner, drinks, and even on a day out paired with a simple basic coloured top! The combination of gold and dark blue; with the dark pearls fitting into the intricately designed gold bangle – makes it look classy and yet chiq. (Wow, to be honest I never thought I knew how to talk or describe fashion)

And well how apt that the store was having a promotion in that with any purchase of goods, you get the accessories for 50%! Got the above bangle for RM30 odd. An investment for many years to come, and of course for my mummy and I to share 🙂

Anyway, back to the sandals…


Got this colour in the end – thought it fits my personality best. Hehe.


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