saving 3 pounds

I can be pretty penny wise and pound foolish at times, but let me know if you’ll do the same as I did below….

I was browsing ASOS to purchase a dress for my upcoming birthday party. I’m hardly an online shopper or even a shopper for that matter, but I had my own birthday party to attend in 2 weeks and I hadn’t had time to shop around in malls for an outfit!

After browsing for a bit, I managed to find a skirt that was close to what I had in mind, and it was not very expensive. I signed in and paid. But after paying I remembered coming across a tiny promotional ad that says: get an extra 10% off with this promotional code.

Remember reading somewhere that ASOS gives its buyers 24 hours after purchase to cancel our orders in case we change our minds, I went to do just that immediately.

And proceeded to purchase that skirt all over again, anew, this time keying in the promotional code.

And it worked!! Ok. So that’s the story of how I saved 3 pounds. And you probably have guessed how much was the skirt 🙂

P/S: I didn’t do it so much for the money; rather, it was more of, if-I-could-change-something-with-just-a-little-effort kinda thing, why not? 


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