strength behind a turtle

I was complaining to a friend on whatsapp today that my back is aching. It aches whenever I don’t get enough sleep the night before.

After a few hours, I got this reply:


“WL, this guy has a worse backache than you (shows whatsapp smiley face and –> whatsapp turtle icon)”

Immediately I felt sad for the turtle!!

“But he has a strong character! He carries home with it and doesn’t rely on others.”

“And although he’s slow he puts in effort to get to his destination.”

I was impressed. Haha.

On a somewhat related point, I came across this quote years ago that goes “Dont ask for a light load, rather ask for a strong back.” Not entirely the same as the turtle being sturdy, tough and carries his own load but it has a related meaning too in the sense that we should have a strong mindset in facing challenges and responsibilities, instead of shying away so quickly and take any possible easy way out.


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