A post written in May 2012:

Today’s my first day at a new department. It was a decision made in 10 minutes last Friday (but well thought of for days), and thinking back of reasons how and why I justified this decision – I trust it is the optimal choice at this point in time.

I’ve learned that nothing is perfect, as cliche as it sounds; and that what you want may not always be what you expect it to be. Thus, I want to just take life as it goes right now, do not expect anything but to work on being and giving my best shot.

Reasons why I picked this department in the end :

1. Enables me to analyse financial statements and thus I have to be fundamentally strong in figures laid out in front of me; I believe this will be crucial and contain value to me if I ever do wish to venture into any area of expertise in the future

2. Exposed to a wide variety of industries, sectors; through servicing a diverse portfolio of businesses / clients, with practical site visits and talking to management, hopefully I’ll be more aware and equipped of the economic activities going around me – be it on a small or large scale

3. Credit is an inherent portion and skill in any business; whether being the receiver of credit, or the giver of credit – this is to me not getting cheated so easily also lah next time!

4. Meeting clients: different personalities, different demands, different approach in demands; and asking the right questions in the area of businesses, financials, and credit

If at any point I face a brick wall in my work, I shall look back at these justifications and think of things in a bigger picture – now that I roughly have an end in mind, and that I know these factors will contribute to my end goal.

Plus, I agree it’s about time I get onto the ground as well to experience real life banking; it gives you a whole lot more exposure and bullet than just staying in the HQ — something a senior MT told me and reiterated strongly by my parents. They know that to be able to value add at the upper management level, one who has been through the grounds (in this case, interaction with customers at the branch and off-sites) would prove to have more relevant knowledge on things.

God knows how things will work out in the end. I shan’t think and fret too much. All I know is, what’s important right now’s I gotta do well and ace in this department. And to do well – I need a positive mindset, a looking forward to and sustainable learning attitude, perseverance, and most importantly hard work. Something which I admittedly lack, or lost steam; at my previous department.

On another note, it seems that I like and can encourage and inspire those around me; but can and have I actually done the same to myself? I need to get a Daily Mantra up for myself; to keep me going and motivated.

I will get that done tonight.


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