This will be my new blog moving forward! And it is here to stay.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been meaning to start blogging again but admittedly, I have been pushing and delaying this thought, blaming it on the excuse that I have no writer’s mojo. Knowing myself best that the longer I delay, the more that naggy voice behind my head will persist (and I do not like having un-ticked things to complete in my list), thus I decided to forget perfection and just create this new blog with this first post.

Looking back, it was through reading and writing that my command in this language has improved. I wouldn’t say that my English is now excellent, but re-reading certain posts back in 2007 and presently, I definitely see a change and perhaps a certain maturity in expressing my thoughts into words. I think that though one’s language may improve, one’s writing style will by far and large remain similar (as is mine) over the years.

I guess that my urge to start blogging again stems from the fact that I like to share experiences I’ve gone through which I feel are worth sharing. I am a pretty expressive person and I simply enjoy expressing my thoughts and insights into words. (I also enjoy talking a lot when the situation is fitting, btw). Not only that though, I also would like to share other people’s experiences of which I’ve had the privilege of knowing of.

It’s quite nice to note down little memorable things and happenings. Years down the road if and when we do look back at these posts – it might give us a different insight on things. It’s just like a little autobiography book on certain chapters of our lives. Trust me, you’d either smile or laugh reading what you’ve written many years ago. These memories will prove to be priceless.

This blog seeks to mark the beginning of my journey as a young adult / 25 year old girl. Perhaps a different perspective from how I was in my teenage years, my university days; different experiences, different things I would like to blog about and share at this point; and I’d like to pen these all down.

All these with knowing I have much more to improve on and be better, much more to be grateful for every single day.

Welcome to my humble abode of thoughts.


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